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How Shoppe Object became the industry's coolest home and gift show

Episode Summary

Jesse James, the co-founder of Shoppe Object, on what makes for a great trade show in the COVID era—and beyond.

Episode Notes

It didn’t start as a calculated decision. Jesse James, the founder of agency Aesthetic Movement, was simply tired of the same old trade show experience. Empty spaces, slower crowds, diminishing returns—he was over it, and he noticed that others were too. In 2018 he, Minya Quirk and Deirdre Maloney founded Shoppe Object, a different kind of home and gift show, one with a “smaller, more curated, more fun” feel. In this episode of Retail Watch, host Warren Shoulberg chats with James about his origins in the business, and how Shoppe Object has navigated the choppy waters of the COVID era.

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